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Installing A New Video Card


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It can get really annoying. You go through the installation process and install the latest display drivers with only the primary video display in the computer. If that fan isn't spinning then you can damage your video card. While you're there you can also identify how many 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-E connectors are available. Picking the right power supply is even more important if you’re upgrading to a multi-card configuration,

How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop

There are usually restrictions on which slot to use if you only have one video card. You should hear the tab at the base of the PCIe slot click when the card is in place. It should fit.

Their voltage changes to control the fan speed so you definitely don't want to connect it to your video card even though the connector will fit. Connect the monitor to your video system Most current video cards have at least two VGA or DVI outputs. Just touch an exposed metal part of the case. How To Uninstall Old Graphics Drivers Unscrew it if you have one.

Head to the graphics card manufacturer’s website to download and install the latest drivers (those supplied on disc may be out of date). How To Install A Graphics Card Windows 7 Remember to handle the card by its edges or the rear metal bracket. If your monitor or card does not support HDMI or DisplayPort, the next best choice is DVI, followed by VGA. a fantastic read Insert your video card into an expansion slot First you need to pick your expansion slot.

Did this article help you? How To Change Graphics Card From Intel To Nvidia Loading... Unplug the monitor cable from the video card. Check what your monitor uses to connect, and purchase your card accordingly.

How To Install A Graphics Card Windows 7

The similarly performing Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti can be had for $30 more, though it has lower power usage, and does not need a PCIe power connector (advised for PCs http://www.playtool.com/pages/installvid/install.html Those choices should be something like "PCI", "AGP", "PCI-Express", or "onboard video". How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop Once your card has arrived, uninstall the existing drivers on your PC to avoid any conflicts. How To Install Graphics Card Drivers I'm glad I don't have to start my games several times over.

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That minimizes the stress on both the video card and the motherboard. Both DVI outputs will work with a high resolution monitor at lower resolutions but only the dual link DVI output will be able to drive the monitor at high resolution. This page gives more information about the wonderful world of load balancing problems with high-end video cards. navigate here For the best quality, use the HDMI or DisplayPort connector (if your monitor supports it).

The underlined steps are links to thorough explanations of how to do them. Uninstalling Nvidia Drivers Obviously, if you're changing from an ATI card to an NVIDIA card, or vice versa, then you're going to need to install a new display driver. There's usually a lever which allows you to move the retention arm and get at the expansion cards.

If you don't plan to use your integrated video at all it would be nice to make it completely disappear.

You can tell that it's all the way in by seeing that the "golden fingers" on the circuit board are all the way into the expansion slot. The easiest way to remove cards is to move the front of the expansion card upwards a little and then move the rear up a little. A popular choice is the Radeon R9 270 or Geforce 750 Ti. How To Change Graphics Card Settings It's also the main monitor in Windows where the taskbar and icons appear.

The rear metal bracket on the video card has a small tab at its bottom. The most common retention mechanisms have little levers which need to be pushed towards the motherboard to release the video card. For example, this page explains how to do it for a Dell Dimension 8400. his comment is here Open your case to get access to the expansion slots.

But if you're the sort who likes to be careful then it's a good idea to make a system restore point before you start making any changes. Get administrator rights If you're running Windows 2000 or XP, then another thing you need to do before installing your video card is make sure that you have administrator rights. Set the primary video display option in the BIOS to the kind of slot used by your new video card. LinusTechTips 638,077 views 6:53 Can You Upgrade a Prebuilt PC? - Duration: 7:42.

If you're following the rules about discharging static electricity then touching the chips probably won't hurt them but you might as well play it safe and avoid touching them at all. Once the computer has shut down, unplug all of the components from the back, and detach the power cable. 3 Open the case. Once the expansion card is out put it into an anti-static bag if you have one. When swapping video cards, you can store the old video card in the bag which came with the new one.

Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0 Unanswered Questions How do I know whether a program is working with my GPU or CPU? Start your computer up and go into the BIOS. For most computers, especially ones that you build yourself, this will not be the case. They're designed to keep your video card from popping out of its expansion slot during shipping.

If you had to detach anything to make room for the graphics card, make sure to reattach them before closing the case. 6 Plug in your monitor. Turn your machine on and boot Windows.