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Installing A Video Card


Thomas Ryan You install a graphics card into a PCI-E x16 slot on your computer's motherboard (the long, blue slots in this picture.) Make sure that there are no loose wires When you press the power button on the front of the case or shut the computer off from Windows, the computer appears to turn off. There are lots of resources online for finding the best performance for your budget. Click here to learn more about the MSI Gaming App.If you want to unleash the true power of your graphics card and start overclocking for additional performance, we have a tutorial this contact form

Boot your machine. Set the primary video display option in the BIOS to whichever video system is supposed to be your primary video display. Reconnect the PSU and re-fit the case’s side panel. If your video card has an auxiliary power connector then find a matching spare power cable coming from your power supply and plug it in.

How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop

LinusTechTips 2,742,078 views 10:29 HP How to change your Video card, graphics card - Duration: 3:32. Sometimes you also have to loosen the screws which hold down other expansion cards or move the retention arm which holds them in place before the motherboard will move. It's better in the long run to go with digital (DVI) but it's handy to be able to resort to analog (VGA) if you need to. This will keep the card in place and prevent it from moving when you unplug or plug in a cable, or if you move the PC.

They're in empty slots to reduce the amount of electrical noise escaping from your case. Most modern graphics cards have one or two power connectors, typically located on the top of the card. If your PSU doesn’t have the correct connector (usually a black, six-pin block marked PCI-E), check in the box for an adaptor that will hopefully have been supplied. 9. How To Uninstall Old Graphics Drivers DVI outputs also can sense when a monitor is connected so you can use any DVI output.

If you would like to take the safest route to installing your display drivers then you should boot Windows in VGA mode (or safe mode if you're not running Windows 2000 How To Install A Graphics Card Windows 7 If you had any other BIOS options set up then you'll have to do them over again because clearing your CMOS RAM resets all of them to defaults: not just the The installer will then guide you through the installation. Your house's ground wires are probably connected to a metal rod stuck into the ground.

That's true even if they are two very different models. How To Replace A Graphics Card The expansion slots which hold video cards are often very tight which makes it difficult to remove the card. NextLevelReviewer 209,060 views 34:06 How to install a graphics card - Duration: 11:03. Yes No Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6 How long will a graphics card work?

How To Install A Graphics Card Windows 7

That minimizes the stress on both the video card and the motherboard. http://www.wikihow.com/Install-a-Graphics-Card Here's how to fit a more powerful graphics card. How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop It is, however, recommended to replace your graphics card once it becomes outdated to ensure that you can keep up with any new computer needs. How To Install Graphics Card Drivers Switch it to off (0).

Once the computer has shut down, unplug all of the components from the back, and detach the power cable. 3 Open the case. weblink Uninstall your old display drivers. Okay, it's probably good for some things but it's bad for computers. Then turn it back on and watch closely if the fans of your graphics card start spinning in the first seconds after turning the PC on. How To Install New Graphics Card Drivers

Turn your machine off. Installing a graphics card means opening up your computer, but the process is less daunting than you may think. Generally it involves finding a jumper (a small gizmo which operates like a switch) on the motherboard and moving the jumper temporarily to the clear position and then back to its navigate here Turn your machine off.

If your computer can disable the integrated video then the steps listed above are the best ones to use. How To Change Graphics Card From Intel To Nvidia In a perfect world, the steps listed above would always work when adding a video card to a machine with integrated video. You have to unlatch them before you can remove the video card.

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When removing the card, pull it straight up so that you don't damage the PCI slot. Installation case 1: you're removing your old video card and installing a new one This is the simplest case. If you're not using your integrated video then the RAM it borrows from the motherboard is wasted. How To Install Graphics Card Drivers Windows 10 If you can't find the documentation then check the manufacturer's website for your computer model.

Before we begin The first step is to make sure all of the parts are present and compatible. Connect a monitor to your new video card. You can give it a try and find out. his comment is here Compatibility isn't usually an issue, but if your computer is quite old (five years or more) it might have an Advanced Graphics Port slot instead of PCI Express.

If you don't connect the auxiliary power cables then the video cards will give some kind of warning message quite often accompanied by an annoying sound from the speaker. It's a good idea to make sure you have the "latest and greatest" ones installed before putting in your new video card. If you're installing two video cards (for SLI or CrossFire ) then you'll probably have to move some small circuit boards or jumpers around on the motherboard before installing the video Some BIOSes have a confusing choice called "Auto".

So basically, I've given you four separate lists of steps. Start your computer up and go into the BIOS. Plug everything back into your computer and start it up. Language: English (UK) Content location: United Kingdom Restricted Mode: Off History Help Loading...

You can also ‘uninstall’ the Display adapters hardware in Device Manager. 5. If your old card has one or more of these cables plugged into it, go ahead and carefully unplug them before moving on.Plug out, Plug in Once the old card is Compaq was especially notorious for shipping that kind of computer. All you have to do to destroy a silicon chip is shuffle your shoes across a carpet and then touch a chip inside your computer.

That tab has to fit into a matching hole in the baseplate beneath the motherboard shown in the image above with a green arrow. If your monitor does not display any picture at all, you need to troubleshoot your installation. If you're an optimist and you're not going to be installing anything else then close the case. But if you're new to installing video cards then you might as well take a minute and make a restore point.

Uninstall all of your old display drivers. If you are focused on graphic design, look for cards with more onboard memory, such as 3 or 4 GB. What kind of slot you have depends on your motherboard, so you'll want to check your manufacturer page or information booklet to see what speed your PCIe slot is. Just figure out which of the following cases apply to you and then follow the list of steps for that case.

Install the display drivers for your new video card.