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Installing A Modem On NT4.0

Step 2: Connecting the Cables Connect the USB Cable Plug the flat end of the provided USB cable into an available USB port on your Macintosh. Double-click on the "Ports" icon. The Registration screen displays once you have established a connection. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel. http://secondsolution.net/installing-a/installing-a-second-cpu.php

By default, the installation program selects the current machine as the Computer name. For USB Users only: The necessary files will be copied to your system. Then the network layer (IP) adds a protocol header. In the RAS dialog box click the button to continue.Once back into the Network window click the Close button; when closing, it will bring up a dialog box to setup your

Under the Script tab make sure None is selected. If your ISP gave you software to install, a user name and password should have also been assigned. Click Next to continue Step 3: The Connection Type The Server window shoud appear : Ensure that I am calling the Internet and Send my plain text password... You may need your Windows NT 4.0 installation disks or CD-ROM.

Once the script has completed, run ifconfig and confirm that you are connected to your provider. The Dial-Up Networking box will now appear; click on 'Install'. Setup Modem - During the setup of the modem specify the port of the modem COM1, COM2, COM3, or COM4. The RAS files will be copied to your computer. 4.If you have no devices installed on your computer, the Modem Wizard appears and helps you install a RAS capable device. 5.The Add RAS

Insert the Windows95 Installation diskette into diskette drive A: 7. If you have just added the Remote Access Service, it will be necessary to re-install your latest service pack to update the newly added files. Once the interface is located, you can configure it using either one of the following methods: DHCP Static IP Address Configure Interface Using DHCP Confirm that your server provides a DHCP Do not install a microfilter on the cable that connects your modem to the telephone jack unless your microfilter has a connection for both the telephone and the ADSL device.

From the Start menu, select Settings and choose Control Panel. The driver does not dial the number "1," but the dialer needs to see a number there in order for the dialing process to work. Your last step is to choose whether you’ll use Access Control on the Winsock proxy service and the Web proxy service. Installing your particular modem on the new serial port: After adding the serial ports & rebooting your system, you will need to tell Windows NT what is connected to the ports.

If your ISP requires additional software, it will be installed when you click Finish. go to this web-site Click Next. The TCP/IP screen will display. Hardware Requirements for RAS Before you install RAS, all hardware should be installed and working.

Click on "OK". weblink It only displays available COM ports or ports currently installed on the computer. Click Next. The Encapsulation Type you selected will dictate which components need to be configured.

Double-click on the Texas Net icon on your desktop. Start the dial-up networking application Click the New Button: Name it "RAS Cable" or something appropriate, click Next> Select the "Dial-Up Networking Serial Cable betweek 2 PCs": Just Leave the phone Microsoft IIS 3.0 is installed and configured. http://secondsolution.net/installing-a/installing-a-ram-drive-on-win-xp-pro.php Click on the Network ICON.

The Domain box should be left blank. RAS Automatic DialingRAS AutoDial maps and maintains network addresses to RAS phonebook entries, allowing them to be automatically dialed when referenced--whether from an application or from the command line. The RAS server has two TCP/IP configurations: •Its own basic configuration and IP address as a server on the LAN.

The installation program then copies the Proxy Server 2.0 files to the machine.

You can test your connection by registering your modem. Server Assigned IP Address should be selected. For best results, compare entries in the MODEM.INF file with commands for your modem (located in your modem's documentation). thats the whole point of the q.

After you enter all the addresses, click Construct Table. If you will use the TCP/IP or IPX protocol with RAS, install the protocol before you install RAS. (Note that selecting an uninstalled protocol will cause that protocol to be installed NOTE: It is critical that these settings be correct in order for the USRobotics SureConnect ADSL USB/Ethernet Modem to work correctly. http://secondsolution.net/installing-a/installing-a-burner.php Table 2.1 shows the most popular modulation schemes in the left column and their corresponding speed range in bits per second (bps) in the right column.

NOTE in Windows 2000: A screen will confirm when each device has been installed. In the Control Panel, double click the Modems icon. This technique helps to bridge different networks. During the installation of the RAS service you need to install the modem that will be used for the RAS service.Once the RAS service has been installed click the Continue button

You can only access this menu if you are in the Remote Access window. The next dialog box is the caching dialog box. Log In or Register to post comments Gagan Shergill (not verified) on Jan 29, 2001 Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 requires an update to run on Microsoft Windows 2000. If you are using ADSL Annex A, confirm that the VPI/VCI and Encapsulation type parameters located in the /etc/analog/usradslpots.conf are the same as the ones provided to you by your ISP.

So, if you buy high-speed modems from different manufacturers to benefit from high data-exchange rates, you might be disappointed. Top of pageChoosing a Protocol for a RAS Server Because RAS provides access to a LAN, you must select and configure the protocols to use on the LAN. Otherwise, connections will probably be made at 2400 bps. If you accept the default location, click Next.

are checked. A qualification test will run to verify that your system meets the minimum requirements for installation.