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Internet Explorer Problem (!Partly Solved!)


Here is what W3 DOM specs says about it in http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/WD-DOM-Level-2-HTML-20001113/html.html: className of type DOMString: The class attribute of the element. Interestingly enough, when I entered those and other invalid values the userAgent string indicated the Edge browser!! or 5.5 (aka quirks mode?) ) for ever... And wouldn't you rather have current compatibility than backward compatibility? this content

A real example would be greatly appreciated. Transport Layer Security (TLS) Extensions. Reply Jonadab says: March 15, 2009 at 12:24 pm > Maybe y'all should go over to > the WebKit and Firefox blogs > and ask them when they'll be as > I am impressed for the first time..

Onion.js Script Error

Expecting CSS properties such as z-index to have a value when they have not been explicitly set can lead to problems. Beste Grüße May 25, 2016 #74 [email protected] this has just started occurring today for me - no software changes I get it in a Delphi TWebBrowser component. Could you confirm that http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.24 or 3.23 also gives the error?

Microsoft recommends not using it, and it's also a very old browser. Reply תומר says: March 15, 2009 at 8:57 am מעולה. סוף־סוף מיקרוסופט דוחפים את אינטרנט אקספלורר לכיוון הנכון. מעניין כמה אנשים יצליחו לקרוא את התגובה הזו. 🙂 Reply 3pe says: March May 30, 2016 #91 [email protected] i fixed the problem testing from version 3.23;3.24;3.25 and it worked *********** CONSTRUTOR ******************** public UsrCtrllocateCar() { InitializeComponent(); #if (DEBUG) SetIeModeDebug(); #elif (RELEASE) SetIeModeRelease(); #endif Google Com Maps Directions Please state the business case behind not taking a measly 30 seconds of a developers time to fix a most obviously broken DOM Method implementation when you've already taken the plunge

SOLUTION: Define a custom JSON object when using a non-standard syntax or alter the rest of the code to use the standardized syntax. Difference Between Crl And Ocsp It's not perfect, but on a good way. No. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=JNE8sqfQNAUC&pg=PT279&lpg=PT279&dq=Internet+Explorer+Problem+(!Partly+Solved!)&source=bl&ots=GwzUJvvtTf&sig=q4sve2vhhXD5ezEYCHOQrStIQWw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWgsea89rRAhXiDMAKHe39AyY Anybody?

They are used by a number of pages to apply fix-up CSS that IE8 no longer needs. You Are Using A Browser That Is Not Supported By The Google Maps Javascript Api Maybe you describe certain features that you use that trigger it? You're using an IE7 inside your delphi executable. Like highlighted in #90.

Difference Between Crl And Ocsp

The CA might decide to not keep all records from the past in their service (because of growing databases), they can indicate how accurate the information is. By default requiring these OCSP-staples does create availability problems once the OCSP service goes down and the response cached is no longer valid. Onion.js Script Error I and others have outlined the steps for that. Google Maps Script Error I'll tell you: as much as there are Windows 2000 machines still running.

if the system has the IE11 and Installed the registry key 11001(0X2AF9) for the respective EXE, then it's working fine if the system has the IE10 and Installed the registry key news Please fix the bugs, if you need any more information you can always contact me. (see my website) # Looking at Photo's on Facebook rearly works. Tried in both .NET 3.5 WebBrowser and .NET 4.6.1 WebBrowser control. Would it be possible to attach 1 large file with everything together (or even better everything at jsfiddle) and mention which browser + version this throws the error? Poly.js Script Error

Dec 10, 2015 #12 [email protected] Here is the error that locks everything on ours: http://puu.sh/lQtDf/90a79da6fc.jpg Dec 10, 2015 #13 [email protected] kgolub - are you calling the script from within I also tried setting FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION in HKLM and that didn't help either. This is getting out of hand! have a peek at these guys jcc May 27, 2016 #85 [email protected] Re #83: Had the same problem not only in IE, it turns out that we were using an old version of mootools, that version

Thanks, jcc Jun 6, 2016 #102 [email protected] Hi everyone, after suffered and surfed on google with this problem, that display error similar with #41, then found some good references and Chrome Ocsp Simply put, do the most with less time; if IE 7 and IE 8 (compat.) have the same rendering engine, then testing in one will work in another. Those will come in really useful.

Be brave!

The fact that you only got broken now shows that we try to provide more care for old browsers than our official support line. It's our current release version, in a quarter will become the frozen version and in another quarter it will be phased out. With any luck, it'll fix it for everyone. Why Is A Pre-master Secret An Important Component Of A Web Browser And Web Server Handshake? I'm not able to reproduce any error on IE10 or IE11, and I'd still appreciate if anyone could post a reproducible example, everything in one file, DOM+JS everything included that can

So you will get a IE11 that pretend to be IE7. #80 has a code snippet to verify which IE version you are using. This style sheet comes after the author style sheet in the cascade algorithm and is called override style sheet. Reply Daniel says: March 13, 2009 at 4:19 pm @H, I don't know what other browsers do with className, but getAttribute(‘class') is the correct and everywhere-supported method to acces that attribute. http://secondsolution.net/script-error/internet-explorer-and-error-help.php We're going to dump IE, switch to WebKit, and add ActiveX capability to WebKit.

InfoWorld also celebrates people, companies, and projects....https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/InfoWorld.html?id=2FAEAAAAMBAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareInfoWorldMy libraryHelpAdvanced Book SearchShop for Books on Google PlayBrowse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader.Go to Or give us any other lead what is happening? regards, Gérard Reply EricLaw [MSFT] says: March 13, 2009 at 6:22 pm @Gerard: Thanks for the test cases! There's no error appear anymore.

From overviews of the information age to online business and business intelligence, readers will gain a sound balance of the technical and business elements of information technology.Important Notice: Media content referenced Following previous events in Pisa (1997), Heraklion (1998), Paris (1999), Lisbon (2000), and Da- stadt (2001), this year ECDL was held in Rome. The problem started first thing this morning (Wednesday 5/25) for both me and two of my customers and I suspect that Microsoft updated IE overnight. Internet Explorer and Opera seem to operate under the same CRLs and OCSP implementations with a soft-fail on OCSP (allowing an attacker to use a revoked certificate) (Mutton, 2014).

considering the migration of many complex applications from the "install" model to the software as a service model I would have expected microsoft to begin paving their way for a long