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Indexing Certain File Types Only


Why is it that if I type in the full name it finds the file, but if I just type in "386" it can only find one file that is 386 Fred says: 7 years ago Unbelievable! There is no way that such a search can be made on windows 7. rmoore says: 7 years ago Hey n25philly, 1st, let me give you a link that will give you some insight into Windows 7 search features. Source

For example, the default Downloads, Desktop, Pictures, Music, and Videos folders are all under C:\Users\YourName\. That is why I use ctrl + F or E to quickly select the search field in Explorer. Windows 7 just does not have this feature. I never had that problem with Windows XP's search engine. http://www.howtogeek.com/272158/how-to-choose-which-files-windows-search-indexes-on-your-pc/

How To Index A Folder Windows 7

In the Advanced Options window, click on the File Types tab. You can use these types to specify how dtSearch should treat CSV files. Note that I do not want to switch of indexing. So clearly, this is not the registry key that I want to be messing around with!

If this is not the problem you are having, let me know. I plugged in a molex cable the wrong way and the power supply exploded. It indexes the "Start Menu" folder, so it can find and return application shortcuts. It also indexes your "Users" folders, with the exception of the hidden AppData, or Application Data, folders. Windows 10 Indexing Service Or better yet, make them fork over the bucks to pay MS support once they're so lost they will see no other choice.

Give me a break. How To Index A Folder Windows 10 Want better search? So, the bottom line is it is impossible to index network drives on Windows 7. original site I really trying to get used to the new Windows Explorer, but I found the new search method to be very cumbersome and lacking in features.

The article writer ends up in a google killfilter though, total fanboy. Search Everything If I use the search facility to search for avis which that directory actually open in front of me, it finds no avis. Thanks. Enrico says: 7 years ago This article is a sad joke.

How To Index A Folder Windows 10

I tried to find a tool used by vmware and searched for "vmware-vdiskmanager.exe" did the search in the search windows just abow the "start" button, searched on the "Computer" search window, Hope this helps. How To Index A Folder Windows 7 But this one is like playing mind games you never win. Windows Index Score Go to Control Panel - Indexing option and select Advanced.

Start Mene. They were better off not having a search tool than have one that kills so much time. With Vista, this option was gone but Microsoft added it back with an addin which was sadly 32-bit only. You sometimes see a little box with file types if you click on the very word 'Type'. Indexing Options Windows 10

I will be doing the C:format routine….SOON !!! The Windows 7 search is said to be faster. Like many others, I have decided to dump Windows and move to MAC. have a peek here Best way to tell Altium that two pins are internally connected How to get n lines for every m lines (n

Once you're done using Windows Search, you can search using either the options in the Start menu, tools in Cortana, or the search box in File Explorer or Windows Explorer. Windows Search Indexer Wildcards have been around since the DOS days and were as handy back then as they are today. But none of them is what I want.

But while the Windows search feature has the ability to search file contents in addition to the file name, the default settings don’t enable file contents search for all file types.

Find the file type you wish to modify – in our case that’s the Excel .xlsx file extension – and click to highlight it. For example, when you install Microsoft OneNote, an IFilter is installed to enable searching of *.one files. Now, on the surface, this probably seems like a fairly straightforward question. Locate32 It finds what you need As You Type.

Similarly I used to maintain my patients register by searching them names of patients seen on a particular date .this could also be done window XP within seconds by specifying the Click New... Windows 7 search is amazing (as well as Vista's) and is the primary reason I left XP (not to mention it's nearly a decade old). Mam'selle says: 7 years ago Add me to the "you're joking" bandwagon - what took a simple right click and search (and search remained open) has been replaced with another unfriendly

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