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Internet Explorer Scrolling Is Choppy And Laptop Seems Hot


In those instances, I can't watch full screen because it never stops. it's happening more often for me, and i have to shut down completely and then power on for it to start working again.km AuthorJ Starling14 months ago from IdahoHi REL,This is http://nerds.airbnb.com/box-shadows-are-expensive-to-paint share|improve this answer answered Apr 20 '12 at 15:39 Matthew Darnell 3,72321128 even with the box-shadows removed I still get a choppy scroll. Below is a quick and easy fix that will turn that dark mustard yellow to more of a bright mustard yellow. http://secondsolution.net/windows-10/internet-disconnects-when-hp-laptop-sleeps.php

Has anyone else tried adjusting the output on an external display? When was the last time you reinstalled your computer? Needless to say that I uninstalled the version I had and did a clean install of the new one. Don't forget you can also allow any of these in Incognito Mode by going to Chrome Settings > Extensions and checking the boxes. http://newwikipost.org/topic/qMJKAefhhBOnE9MGd9NqwSUbnZWgsflL/Choppy-and-Stuttery-Scrolling.html

Scrolling Is Jerky In Chrome

I also removed all the images to see if it was an image display issue and that didn't fix the problem. You can do this by going to Control Panel - Uninstall a Program - scroll to the right to check the versions. Install and enjoy! Check out the following article for some more tips and tricks: How to Speed Up Your Computer with Just One Double-Click Finally, do you use anti-virus and anti-malware tools?

AuthorJ Starling16 months ago from IdahoHi Linda! UPDATE: 04/21/2015 - Lenovo has added the .51 Energy Manager download to their site at the following link Original Drivers. I have Windows XP SP2 Home Edition. Windows 10 Choppy For me at the time it was extensions that I had installed, so I uninstalled them and then uninstalled Chrome.

But Safari appears to be drastically better.posted by naju at 4:45 PM on March 23, 2015 I generally expect Safari to be more efficient than Chrome, but this seems a little Mouse Scrolling Jumpy Now that you've got your Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro in top-notch shape, you can use it at its full potential. Classic Theme. It turned out that the responsiveness was really bad.

no response, the program dose not run at all. Internet Explorer 11 Scrolling Choppy Summary The bottom line is that using these utilities and settings, I now have a laptop that I can control using the touchpad in a way that I enjoy. Introduction With a brand new Win7 laptop in front of me I expected the touchpad to deliver a modern multi touch gesture experience. Talha M.17 months ago Hey, im having touchscreen problems ever since ive upgraded to windows 10.

Mouse Scrolling Jumpy

AuthorJ Starling11 months ago from IdahoHi Law,Great to hear from you again! http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10248970/website-choppy-in-ie-when-scrolling-but-not-in-firefox-chrome-safari Now i know it's not a gaming laptop but it still seems really weird for it to overheat soo much. Scrolling Is Jerky In Chrome The hard drive, however, is much slower than the RAM, hence your computer becomes slow. Fix Choppy Scrolling Firefox Thanks to Kidsmeal for that fix.

If I keep a finger on the plate and tap with a second finger, this is equivalent to clicking with the middle mouse button (usually button on the scroll wheel). http://secondsolution.net/windows-10/intermittent-laptop-souncard-prob.php As far as your USB 3.0 port there could be a power management issue going on and there's definitely an updated driver for that in the Y2P support page. LOL, I think its an obvious question considering the many issues encountered by upgrading to win10 i hope Lenovo update and fixes this issues and just don't leave us on our You will want to decrease the number of lines for a “smoother” effect. Computer Running Choppy Windows 10

Do note that if you have the Lenovo pre-installed version or the version from Lenovo support that you will have to uninstall it first and then install the new one. Turns out that AdBlock Plus on his Android phone was pushing data up to somewhere as fast as humanly possible, all the time. In some cases, programs that you install can change your Chrome settings without your knowledge. have a peek at these guys If you've followed the instructions in this article then you've gone to the Intel site Here to update your graphics driver you can still use the Intel Driver Update Utility to

I still get some choppy scrolling due to the header image it looks like but it's much better. **The final solution was to: 1. Enable Smooth Scrolling Windows 10 So if you do anything that requires your graphics card to work (scrolling), while your RAM is already at max with running programs, you may experience lag. Since then no issues for me.

Almost considering cancelling and waiting till later.

if so how can i install it properly? Michael Cutler says September 30, 2008 at 5:01 am Downloading new video card drivers worked! So far since about the last week of Jan I haven't had that problem. Windows 7 Smooth Scrolling MikA10 months ago Now moved to .4404 Beta Driver, we'll see.

Jeffrey16 months ago My microphone on my Y2P recently just stopped working and it won't work on anything (Skype, Audacity etc.) and I haven't been able to find any fixes online AuthorJ Starling16 months ago from IdahoHey Kids!! Also, when the flashing started I could move my mouse and it would stop flashing until I stopped moving it. check my blog If you have any questions or issues please post them here in the comments and the readers along with myself will try to help you out!

I just spent the last few hours bashing my head against the exact same problem of wanting the touch pad to flow like a Mac's. If this still isn't precise enough for you, you may want to consider purchasing a mouse. The issues are definitely manageable and I think the overall experience has been great so far. The process is apparently very easy, this article explains it very well: http://www.howtogeek.com/220723/how-to-uninstall-w...Here's also a lovely article from Lenovo on what functions Windows 10 may have affect on: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht10361...I'm sorry that

Have you all already downloaded it? kmeal2012 months ago hey again jjust wanted to update you that every time my screen has flickered again, i've checked and the intel graphics control panel setting panel refresh has always December 1, 2013 Why is my wireless router so slow, and how can I... I think I read when I bought lit last summer that it was related to the Exynos chip and the way it handles the javascripts and other applets, I think that

I haven't found any other fixes anywhere, you could try to uninstall the mic in the device manager and then install a universal driver for Windows 8 or 10 which ever Thanks for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it!Now Arcy, I have the latest BIOS from the Yoga 2 Pro support page that was listed on 08/2015 file name: Does liberi only refer to free children? There is a small problem with the mouse pointer jumping away when doing the middle click, but I can live with it since I feel this is the most natural way

Lastly I've deleted out most of the Lenovo bloat ware except transitions, I'm not even sure it's important to have but I don't want to delete it.