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Installing CD-RW Won't Let Win98 Boot!


There are tools on every operating system to recreate a CD from a given ISO image file. For Windows NT4/2k/XP the NTLDR (New Technology Loader) takes it from there. Definitely worth further discussion, though. I installed Firefox 1.0pre and some other freeware and Open Source applications and the box is humming nicely again. this contact form

If you are using the cd or usb solution, copy the boot.ini, ntldr, and ntdetect.com files to My Computer > Local Disk C:\ > and overwite whatever files might be there, The problem was I split it into 2GB and 4GB partitions and the 2GB partition for Windows had gotten full. So, I reformated it as a single 6GB partition. The now ancient 300 MHz CPU with a mere 128MB RAM actually runs pretty responsively. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/installing-cd-rw-wont-let-win98-boot.98063/

Windows 98 Cd Rom Driver

Secondly, are you sure the disc is in the right drive? vrrivaro 2004-10-09 07:24:49 What do you mean you can't install Linux on your TP240? I/O Error accessing boot sector file multi(0)disk(0)fdisk(0)\BOOTSECT.DOS 4. Question: What is an ISO image file?

He didn't know the DVDROM drive was set to the master drive, so he was desperately trying to boot from the CDROM drive. One user had two drives, one DVDROM and one CDROM drive. Hi, I'm Miles Comer and I developed this "solution" back in 2002 when I had to fix my relatives computer without me standing over their shoulder. Windows 98 Startup Disk I don't know about Gentoo, perhaps.

So, I still carry it for personal trips just to offload digital photos on the hard disk. Windows 98 Not Recognizing Cd Drive Could not read from the selected boot disk. One of the choices should eventually boot you back into Windows. (What if none of the options worked?) . That process take a few minutes, then remove the floppy and reboot.

Have I done anything wrong? How To Install Windows 98 From Usb When he discovered the problem, he simply move the disc from the CDROM drive to the DVDROM drive, and it worked without problems. [Contributed by Jimmy Obomsawin] Another possibility that I Since your HDD is bootable, it will boot into your usual OS. Windows could not start because file "\system32\hal.dll was missing or corrupt 2.

Windows 98 Not Recognizing Cd Drive

I gave some thought to installing Ubuntu Linux or some other interesting Linux distro but the 240 can't boot from a USB CD-ROM drive. If I fixed it for you, might I humbly suggest you use a credit card or PayPal to donate for $5 or whatever amount you choose. Windows 98 Cd Rom Driver Question: The Ultimate Boot CD just refuses to boot from the CDROM drive, despite the fact that I have double, no, triple checked my BIOS settings. Windows 98 Dvd Drivers Safe Mode is a special "minimal" version of Windows that doesn't load certain parts of the operating system that might have caused the problem.

Even my old 802.11b WiFi card runs fine on it since it has drivers for Windows 98 SE. weblink Start back up the broken computer with the floppy/cd-r/usb inside it/plugged into it. The quick test to make sure your OS installation is still good is to create an MBR and NTLDR on a floppy disk and check your partitions, this disk will check But, wouldn't it be nice to start with the relatively lightweight and stable Microsoft Windows 98 SE codebase to build a freely available Open Source OS that is compatible with lots How To Install Windows 98 From Cd Step By Step

Releasing W98 into Open Source would inmediately make a lot of code they could use, or at least make hooks for it the customer wants to use. I could have carved a small DOS partition to load a distro into and then boot from a Linux boot floppy. Do you remember if the folder you had your Windows installation in was named "Windows"? http://secondsolution.net/windows-98/installing-ms-dos-game-on-win98-system.php Put the new floppy/cd-r/usb you have just created into the computer that gets the NTLDR is missing error message, turn the broken computer off.

Windows 2000 and Windows XP won't install from a simple DOS prompt (following a floppy disk DOS boot). Windows 98 Download Here are the instructions to do this: 1. sub-notebook) spends most of its time just lying around.

Try it first, if it was the wrong selection, you will likely get one of these four errors: 1.

You will see the Windows 98 screen pop up for a second, then you will see a black screen with white letters prompting you to "replace boot sector of the drive Try the following: Burn at a slower speed Burn to a CDR instead of a CDRW Make sure you are burning the ISO correctly. [Contributed by IceCube] In newer BIOSes you Use windows to fix the boot files on the hard drive. But, none of them are in the size/weight class of the old ThinkPad.

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. I have personally encountered some machines that refuse to boot up from certain CDRW discs (eg. 2x works, but 10x doesn't). Question: How do I create the Ultimate Boot CD from the ISO image file? his comment is here Personally, I burn the UBCD at 4x - even when using 52x capable CD-R disks, and have since then not had the problem.

Ad revenues help, but it's y Toshiba suggested not to burn CD's at higher speed than 8x to make sure they will read on their combi drives. So, I decided to install Windows 98SE since it had some nice advantages compared to Windows 98 (1st edition). If you got back into Windows, stop whatever you are doing and backup your most important information from this computer.

Download my fix: Floppy fixntldr.exe | CD-R fixntldriso.zip | USB ntldrusb.zip onto a working computer (What if I don't want to download a file from a website I don't trust?). (If Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information. 3. All these run good in W98 (as well as it is possible for anything to run on one of their OS, anyway). bystander 2004-10-08 12:05:16 dusting off old ideas My idea, which came up during the anti-trust trial, was for MS to auction off the W98 code to the highest bidder ($$ goes

Download their ISO or buy their CDs, then burn a floppy from the floppy image on the CD, then boot from the floppy, then at last experience the long over due But then this code would be available for other developers, thereby giving MS some competition... On these drives there has been reported problems with reading CD's burned at high speed. Windows Vista does not boot this way, you can still use my floppy to boot into an existing installation of 98/nt/xp, but I've not had a chance to test Windows Vista.

Chances are, your BIOS is configured to boot from the harddisk first instead of the CDROM drive. carlaschroder 2004-10-08 16:39:35 who would want it? When your computer starts, the BIOS attempts to find the primary hard drive's active partition to read the first sector for the MBR (Master Boot Record), it uses that info to Why not Open Source Windows 98 SE to keep these old boxes productive with the thousands of old software and even new Open Source products that run on Windows 98 SE?

If you can't remember just keep going (What if it was not named Windows but WINNT like in NT4 or 2000?) . 5. Please help me back. - Keeping website in "maintenance mode" All done? Now, IE, Active X, and Office.