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Installing XP On A New Computer!?


For some reason the primary drive does not boot to the usual XP screen and all I get is a blinking cursor in the top left hand portion of the screen. In this step, Windows XP wants to know whether your computer connects to the Internet through a network or if it connects to the Internet directly.

If you have a broadband connection, like Comments are closed. Technically, there are no downsides until Microsoft stops supporting XP in 2014. http://secondsolution.net/windows-xp/installing-xp-onto-new-computer.php

Use Acronis TI to create an image of your C: to a external USB Drive. 3.. Then pressed the "Burn" button. I've been burned by this scenario before. Most users are normal home users and on cannot really expect them to carry out geeky troubleshooting!

Windows Xp On Modern Hardware

Also, you won't face any compatibility or driver issues between Vista on your new system and XP on your old. You will effectively be in a similar boat as the Windows XP user. Any XP OEM disk would work. Do These 5 Things NOW Article Did You Know You Can Get a New Product Key from Microsoft?

The screen will automatically revert to the previous setting in 20 seconds.

27 Begin Final Set Up of Windows XP Windows XP Clean Install - Step 27 of 34. For my purposes, I selected "Bootable Image" and "Add Drivers", then pressed "Next >>" again. Created by Anand Khanse. Refurbished Desktop Computers With Windows Xp My problem is that to boot Win 7, you have to change the bios back to SATA/ACHI.

I just popped a blank CD into my CD burner and selected "Burn CD" from the drop-down menu in the upper left. I have downloaded the ones I have found on the web and tried installing them when my system was working and said it could not find the proper hardware and cannot Now that the previous partition is removed, all of the space on the hard drive is unpartitioned. First, you need to access the site from the machine you want to probe - this is understandable.

Thank you so much for your help and intense work on the sata issue. Windows Xp Computer Ebay A Dell Dimension 3100. You can usually clear these by shorting a jumper on the motherboard for a few seconds with a screwdriver or some other metal tool-while the system is powered down, of course. The Networking Settings window will appear next with two options for you to choose from - Typical settings or Custom settings.

If you're installing Windows XP in on a single computer or a computer on a home network,

Install Windows Xp On New Pc

Personally, I think it would be better if nLite asked you to verify that you wanted a NON-text mode driver, because it's more critical that you get the text mode driver If you have multiple Windows installations then you'll see them all listed.

Even though you may be repairing an issue with your computer, do not choose to repair the selected Windows Windows Xp On Modern Hardware Often you can do a driver search for this manufacturer, and possibly a model number (which should also be displayed on the POST screen). Windows Xp Computers For Sale http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=109042 If you can't see the drive from your XP installer, then try going into the machine BIOS and ensuring that the controller is configured to emulate IDE (put it into

It helped me out of a perplexing situation. http://secondsolution.net/windows-xp/installing-xp-on-new-computer-stuck-in-a-loop.php I went back to my VIA utility to create a floppy image of my installation drivers and sure enough, it wrote a bunch of files to my virtual A drive, which If the options listed match your preferences, no changes are necessary. Mahuna says: April 6, 2009 at 12:18 am Hi John, perhaps I got referred to your blog because Microsoft felt that I was having problems with installing XP Pro onto a Windows Xp Desktop Pc

XP has been a good operating system, and there is still plenty of life left in it. The point of the article was to show how you can add drivers for your SATA controller to a windows install image. Depending on the size of the partition that you are formatting and the speed of your computer, formatting the partition could take anywhere from a few minutes to several minutes or hours.

15 http://secondsolution.net/windows-xp/installing-xp-pro-on-a-new-computer.php For one thing, while you can upgrade some XP PCs to Windows 7, chances are you really need to buy a new PC.

It is helping me to learn how to do alot of troubleshooting on my own rather than call a rep. New Laptop With Windows Xp If you choose carefully, you can create an installation image that will run by itself with no prompting. This may take a minute or two depending on your computer's speed.

34 Windows XP Clean Installation is Complete!

How can I switch from user mode?

[email protected] Thanks! Even in this case, the Typical settings option is probably the right one.

If you're not sure, choose Typical settings.

Click Next >.

22 Enter a Workgroup or Domain Name Windows XP Clean Install - Take a look at the gadgets which will puzzle younger people Advertisement Advertisement Top Technology Videos» Rise of a tech giant: the history of Google The history of Uber Skype invent Windows Xp Activation 2016 Again, select the text mode drivers, and press "OK" to continue.

MS does not recognize the CD I created: XP for SATA as authentical. You helped me sort out some crazy problems rebuilding my XP machine! Jerry Bee says: September 29, 2011 at 3:48 pm I installed XP on an HP Win 7 system to make it dual-bootable. weblink If you don't, well, don't blame me if you sit down some morning soon and find your computer spilling your credit card numbers to J.

For Windows XP to install on a partition on a hard drive, it has to be formatted to use a particular file system - either the FAT file system format or the NTFS file system format. Sorry for being a bit off-topic, I have a couple of quick questions for you: Is the theme you are using the theme that comes with BlogEngine or are there other ill keep the hard drive but throwing out the rest.anyobdy know a free way to restore this computer?FFFFRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFREEFREE SR-71 BlackbirdJan 2, 2013, 6:53 AM No free way to unless you find If the restore partition is non-functional, your remaining option would be to order a set of restore cd's from Dell or just settle for an OS only install.

Funny that they'd do that today - but this article was written a few years ago, just on the edge of the death of the floppy drive. I changed the SATA in the BIOS to IDE as people have suggested all over the interweb, and it works ok that way. Choose SATA drive (Yes it is recognized) - create and format partition. 2.. I pressed the "Insert" button at the bottom, and browsed to the folder on my Desktop containing the VIA SATA drivers that I copied from the virtual floppy image.

Now and then, you probably wish you could call Tech Support. Press D to delete this partition.

Warning: This will remove all of the information on the drive that Windows XP is currently on (your C: drive). More like this Most firms face security 'red alert' as XP SP2's retirement looms Windows XP SP2 retirement looms, puts users in tough spot Windows XP SP2: Don't fear the reaper A New Hard Drive So I moved over to my laptop at the desk in the same room, opened a browser and logged into one of my favorite hardware sites: ZipZoomFly.

They usually only come on floppy images that you can download from the controller manufacturer, which is why I went into detail about using the virtual floppy device. Highlight the line with the newly created partition and press Enter to set up Windows XP on the selected partition.

Note: Even if you created a partition at the maximum size available, there will always be This message is displayed near the beginning of the installation process - just before the installer loads all of the pre-configured drivers on the CD. Darren says: January 8, 2009 at 5:38 pm I've been using Seagate and Maxtor Sata II drives without many problems.