Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well

You may be considering work from home jobs for a variety of reasons. Working from home allows you more flexibility in day-to-day life, the opportunity to work for companies out of state or country or the ability to pursue other interests while maintaining a consistent pay cheque. While some work-from-home jobs require certain technical skills … Read more

What Is Remote Work?

As the coronavirus pandemic forces all but key workers to stay indoors, professionals across India are facing up to a new (if only temporary) way of working: remote working. Many have occasionally worked from home in the past, although the homeworking cliche that is commonly accepted is – wake up late, answer a few emails … Read more

Revenue Accounts: With Definition, Types and Examples

Businesses have to earn good revenue to remain competitive and pay for their operational expenses. They receive the revenue income in specific accounts called revenue accounts and maintain credit balances in them. Knowing about revenue accounts can help you with the management of your company’s revenues. In this article, we describe what revenue accounts are, … Read more

How to Work From Home Online

Whether you have just got a remote position or transitioning to work from home, the structure of your day is different when working from home than working in an office. You do not spend time commuting, and you may be able to maintain a better work-life balance. In this article, we discuss 17 tips on … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Working From Home

The spread of COVID-19 has led to several companies to ask their employees to work from home. More companies will follow suit as we continue to see the effects of the virus. While it can seem like a simple transition, working from home can be challenging, especially when it comes to productivity, communication and motivation. … Read more

Types of Motivation for Career Advancement (With Examples)

Motivation is a crucial element for your career growth. It can either come from within you (intrinsic motivation) or from external factors (extrinsic motivation). Understanding different motivation types can help you use motivation more effectively to improve your productivity and dedication levels. In this article, we explain the meaning and types of motivation, along with … Read more

Business Ethics: Definition, Principles and Importance

Business ethics represent the moral duty an organisation and its employees have to their customers, clients and wider society. Ethics are the fundamental foundation of trust between businesses and their key stakeholders. As India strives to be a global economic superpower, businesses are putting greater emphasis on ethics. In this article, we discuss what business … Read more

How to Write an Office Leave Application

Submitting a leave application is an essential step if you are planning to be absent from your job for a certain period of time. You can write a leave application in different styles and formats. A good leave application should include specific details like duration of leave, reason for leave and work plan during your … Read more

What Is a Bonus? Definition and Types

Companies often give bonuses to their employees to keep them motivated and engaged in their work. Many types of bonuses exist, and their structures may vary depending on the size and net worth of a company. Knowing how bonuses work and their different types can help you choose a job with a good compensation package. … Read more