Top 22+ Best Blog Niche Ideas for 2021

In this article, we’re gonna talk about the best blog niche ideas for 2021. In particular, I want to share a blog niche idea with you that can make over 30K Dollars a month.

So what’s up guys? In this article, we did a lot of research for you and I’m going to show you the exact niche that is making over 30K dollars a month. Also, I’m gonna show you exactly how that niche makes that money. I will be sharing the exact website, ideas, keywords that you can use, and how you can actually get started today in this Best Blog Niche Ideas.

Best Blog Niche Ideas

Best Blog Niche Ideas for 2021

So first of all, here is the proof: HOW I MADE THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS IN ONE MONTH WITH A FOOD BLOG? Luckily she had wrote a detailed description of his salary and most of the money he earns actually comes from Adthrive. If you are not familiar with Adthrive, Adthrive is similar to Google Adsense and the news vine. he actually shares the information of his RPM (per thousand revenue). So with a thousand pages views, you get about $ 27 which is pretty good. so of all the thousands of visitors to his blog, he made about $ 27. when you get 30 to 40 thousand page views a day, it’s no surprise that you’re making about a thousand dollars a day with ads.

Out of curiosity, I looked to Ahrefs to analyze this domain ( Sure, everything is testing but it is still interesting to see that you are currently at a level of about 100K different keywords. according to Ahrefs it currently receives about two hundred thousand visitors a month. however, you actually get a lot more as we have seen in the income report. Ahrefs tends to underestimate the amount of volume. they do the same thing on my website. shows a much smaller fullness than I actually get Best Blog Niche Ideas.

Food Blog in 2021

So let’s see what kind of keywords this website has in this situation right now. and be surprised that this is a food blog so the food niche is an excellent niche for anyone to enter. this is actually something you or anyone online can start doing. does not require any special information. all you need is food text and photos as you prepare the food and post that information on the blog. so it only works if you are unfamiliar with the whole blogging situation.
The thing that interests me personally is that you can make really good money with a thousand appearances in a food niche. actually has the lowest competition in Google, You can publish recipes on Google and you can get a lot of free traffic to Google search if you choose your keywords correctly. you can actually see the perv that ad revenue in this niche is actually very high.

Type of content to be successful in blogging

Now the kind of content you will need to do to be successful in this niche is not a complicated thing. You just need to publish simple methods. you can see that this website actually has very simple content, no pictures of real repairs, step by step process, and a description of how to cook things. here you can easily create these images with paint or other free program and explain step by step how to cook this. so anyone who can start a blog in this niche has no secret to creating content. very easy and very easy to use.

How do you actually get cracking with a blog like this?

Here’s the first way. so I generally recommend publishing long-form content. however, you can sometimes publish content of just a thousand words, a thousand and a half words, two thousand words.

I explain all of that in my free story. usually, after you publish say 10 to 50 articles that can take about a month or two to make. after that, about two to three months you usually start to see the first results if you do everything right. however, traffic just starts to glide on the blog. that is how the blog works. I have seen same thing on many of my sites. It takes a few months to find cracks but then you get that free continuous traffic coming to your website Best Blog Niche Ideas.

Guess what you would say if you could get a thousand visitors a day which is not as difficult as how you can make $ 27 a day. which is a really good start. that is $ 1000 a month.

So I hope this will help you to understand the Best Blog Niche Ideas for 2021. Let us know if you have found this case study helpful.

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